Withdrawal Symptoms to Expect When You Quit Oxycontin
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Withdrawal Symptoms to Expect When You Quit Oxycontin

Withdrawal symptoms of oxycontin can be severe. What to expect when you quit and how to handle the symptoms.

Are you on oxycontin? It's a powerful drug that is prescribed for severe pain and most patients do not become addicted to it, but everyone who takes it is at risk. Oxycontin has become a popular street drug and is taken with the intent of "getting high," but the abuse of this drug can be fatal.

Oxycontin is said to be comparable to heroin, so expect serious withdrawal symptoms when you quit. The withdrawal symptoms can be so dangerous that patients who are under a doctor's care are advised to not stop taking oxycontin suddenly, but rather ease away from it by taking smaller and smaller doses.

If you have been taking oxycontin or are addicted to it, or know someone who is, you should know what to expect when you quit taking it. Withdrawal symptoms start in as little as six hours after the last dose and can last up to a week.

While the withdrawal symptoms of oxycontin may seem severe, staying addicted to it is life threatening. All of these withdrawal symptoms can be dealt with one by one and don't usually require prescription medication, but a doctor should be easily reached if needed.

Here's what to expect when you quit oxycontin:

Digestive problems

You may very well experience nausea and be unable to keep food on your stomach, although you will be ravenously hungry. Irregularity or diarrhea or a combination are withdrawal symptoms of oxycontin, too.

Digestive disturbances can be controlled by careful eating and use of anti-nausea products and methods. Diarrhea is usually best left alone as that's your body's way of eliminating toxins - in this case, oxycontin.

Nervous tension

The withdrawal symptoms of sleep problems, tension and headaches can cause extreme fatigue. Nervous tension caused by withdrawal can be reduced by consciously relaxing the body, meditating or praying, and/or warm baths, soothing music, and so on.

Flu like symptoms

Dry mouth, sore throat and coughing spasms are miserable enough in themselves. Couple that with hot and cold sweats and joint and muscle pain. Withdrawal symptoms like sore throat, coughing spasms and dry mouth can be treated satisfactorily with throat lozenges while hot and cold sweats and pain can be treated with a normal pain killer such as Tylenol.

Heart palpitations and depression

Heart palpitations are part of the withdrawal symptoms of oxycontin, too, as well as depression, possibly brought on by heart stress. Heart palpitations may very well subside when nervous tension is brought under control; so also will depression subside under the influence of warm baths, soothing music, prayer or meditation.

Withdrawal symptoms of oxycontin are not to be taken lightly, but addiction to this dangerous drug is far worse.

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I don't know of anyone who takes this medication but I'll be on the lookout. Excellent article Pat.

:( You missed a lot...really and I'm not just saying that because you beat me to this article. There is a lot more to writing than getting to 400 words. I wrote my version anyways, when i get published I will send you a message.

Well-explained and good piece! Well done!