What Are Electronic Cigarettes
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What Are Electronic Cigarettes

Exactly what electronic cigarettes are, what you won't find in them, and the benefits of "smoking" an e-cigarette.

Lighting up that cigarette and taking a slow drag will mean that over 4,000 different poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals will quickly enter your body. Additionally, anyone around you while you smoke that cigarette will be exposed to the same deadly chemical concoction.  Quitting smoking is one sure-fire way to eliminate the risk of exposure by you and those you love.  But many find this option to be a difficult one to tackle.  Fortunately, there is an alternative that will allow you to partake of nicotine without the myriad of deadly chemicals - electronic cigarettes.

What is it?

An electronic cigarette (aka personal vaporizer) is a device powered by batteries that allows users to inhale small doses of nicotine that have been processed through a vaporizer. It is a smokeless device that can replace cigarettes, cigars, and even pipes. Users of these devices can opt to have different flavors as well - tobacco, vanilla, chocolate, mint and many other flavors are available.

The basic shape of an electronic cigarette is nearly identical to that of a real (or "analog") cigarette. The device is about as long as and has the same circumference as a regular cigarette and even has a light at the end to resemble the lit end of an actual cigarette.

What are its advantages?

Besides eliminating nearly all the harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes (nicotine and a few other chemicals remain - a full list can be found at Wikipedia:Electronic Cigarette:Nicotine Solutions), electronic cigarettes produce absolutely no smoke.  Upon drawing from the e-cigarette, all that is released in an exhale is vapor.  There is no burning ember and no second-hand smoke. 

Another advantage is the overall savings one can manage by switching from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.  The average cost of a package of cigarettes will run one about $7.20.  With a pack a day habit, this can tabulate to over $2600 each year.  Most electronic cigarette kits can be purchased for around $40.  Each cartridge filter has enough vapor solution to last about the same as 1 pack of cigarettes but costs about $1.99 per filter.  This comes out to about $730 each year - a savings of over $1800 yearly.

Recent news

Recently it has been a bit difficult to purchase and receive electronic cigarettes.  The FDA took a rather aggressive stance regarding these devices and has been in the process of seizing shipments from many overseas electronic cigarette manufacturers.  One such company, Smoking Everywhere, decided to challenge the FDA's authority and, in a recent ruling, won the right to import e-cig devices into the United States.

While not a smoking cessation product, electronic cigarettes do effectively eliminate a number of health concerns brought about by smoking - nearly 4,000 chemicals are no longer being burned and second-hand smoke is non-existent with the usage of these electronic devices.

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Comments (9)

Fascinating article! I had never heard of these!


I am using/ trying out an e-cig and i have to say i love it. NO it doesent really take place of an analog cig, but it does a pretty good job of cutting me down from a pack a day to only a few real smokes a day.

great post, I don't know much about e-cigarette.

Ranked #1 in Addictions

Do you know why the FDA has a problem with the electronic cigarettes? Are there health risks.

Maximillian Headroom

Its a good thing to note that electronic cigarettes may in fact come with a risk of some side effects like a sore throat, headache, dry mouth and bad after-taste. In the scheme of things, this seems like a small price to pay to finally be able to successfully quit smoking and to be able to avoid the dangerous risk of lung cancer to ourselves and others.

Electric Monkey

It's definitely the best alternative to smoking then any other product out there. Now that I have been using it for 3 months already, I can't see myself ever smoking a tobacco cig again!

It is disgusting that cigarettes contain 'secret ingredients' that 'ensure customer loyalty' (read: "are addictive") Lung cancer took my mom a few days before Christmas, 1995. Dad is still around, 73 years old and still smoking. He tried to quit several times, years ago but couldn't. If you smoke, quit. If you don't smoke, DON'T START. It's stupid, expensive and dangerous.

Ranked #15 in Addictions

Sam, I believe the issue was that the device delivers nicotine - so a drug delivery device was the issue at hand. Not so much it being more of a health risk than smoking regular cigarettes. Maximillian, I noticed that the Smoking Everywhere brand had that "throat kick" that causes a bit of a sore throat. The "Intellicig" doesn't have a "throat kick" to it - you might check it out. Thestickman, I agree completely. I started at age 18 and have pretty much been a pack a day person since then (going on about 25 years now). E-cigs have helped me at least eliminate the myriad of other chemicals I was putting into my body. Plus, I can step down in the amount of nicotine until I'm at zero :)

I don't see where electronic cigarettes are hard to come by. I can buy them at Sheetz, WalMart and many other gas station. Check out some of our information and reviews at ElectronicCigarettesBrands.com and you can see all the ecig brands that have no problem selling to the vast growing electronic cigarette smoker communities.