Want to Quit Smoking but Failing? Then Try This Fool Proof Method.
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Want to Quit Smoking but Failing? Then Try This Fool Proof Method.

This simple mental trigger will diminish your smoking habit for good.

Within this article you will discover a method of 'thinking' through 'awareness' enabling you cut right down on your smoking habit! Or you may incorporate the information to finally ditch the weed altogether & by using this technique you should experience lack of stress or self punishment compared to other attempts of trying to quit smoking that you have battled with previously.

All this is possible because of ‘awareness & choice, when one is actually, physically ‘smoking’ a cigarette.

Now this may sound counter intuitive but In affect, you begin your journey of quitting smoking whilst you are actually puffing on your cancer stick.

Just by becoming aware of yourself smoking, coupled with your very reasons for wanting to quit the habit, each & every time you light up, will enable your thought process to install a certain mental trigger, which automatically reminds you of this fact. & believe it or not, your desire to smoke will wane over time, allowing you to cut down altogether or completely stop with longer time allowances in between each cigarette.

So if your thinking of quitting the habit or cutting down read below & discover how this method works. It is then up to you to incorporate the information to control your own addiction.

Here is the usual scenario. ‘One’ craves a cigarette, so ‘one’ would light one up & puff away to their hearts content, without too much consideration towards ‘why am I REALLY smoking this thing anyway?’ & the reason for ‘not asking yourself this question’ is, because the idea & the action of smoking a cigarette has become a normal habit over time through repetition. So the mental & physical action when one craves, or desires, a cigarette becomes automatic & without question. & in your mind smoking this cigarette is accepted without too much questioning at all.

Smoking has become an automatic process to you because of repetition of smoking, thus creating a ‘habit’ & although you can sometimes kick yourself when you see how full your ashtray is at the end of the night, or even the next morning, you just shake your head & promise yourself you’ll do better next time to give up or to even quit! 

As you know, first you must have your own plan of action & methods to want to stop smoking. This article won’t go into any of your own personal reasons for you to want to give up because only you know this. Follow these step below.

1: So you have made your own decision to cut down or to give up altogether?

2: Next time you light up your cigarette, instead of just taking this process for granted & smoking it, and then becoming disgusted with yourself later for letting yourself down, why not pay special attention as you draw in that very first puff & become aware of, & feel, the smoke passing through your throat & into your lungs. Make the idea through awareness to take special notice of this sensation before analyzing your reasons by questioning yourself, on why you are actually smoking it right now.

3: Revert back to your own personal reasons for why you made your decisions to stop smoking in the first place. Do this as you draw in each breath of the carcinogenic smoke. .

Over time, if not sooner, you will create your own mental trigger concerning how you want to smoke, or even to quit. You may begin to light up that cigarette then draw in a puff or two, then, without thinking, or too much consideration, you will quite possibly become compelled to douse out the remainder of your cigarette. And over time, your desire for smoking will gently wane & fall away!

But before this can happen, follow the steps above. Each & every time you light up, TAKE SPECIAL NOTICE & become aware of the sensation of smoking & how it makes you feel. REMIND YOURSELF of the reasons you want to quit.

Good luck & thank you for reading this article. Dale Ovenstone.

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