Understanding More About Drug Addiction
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Understanding More About Drug Addiction

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When people tend to experiment with drugs, they do not realize that it could pave way for drug addiction. Though different individuals try out drugs for different reasons, as one can come by individuals who are known to try drugs out of curiosity, and one can even come across individuals who are known to try drugs to ease anxiety, stress or depression. In any case, drug abuse can really make way for drug addiction.

Why some users fall a prey for drug addiction?

As that gets experienced with other diseases, the intensity of addiction can vary from one individual to another in case of drug addiction. The genes, family, mental health of an individual and the social environment surrounding an individual tend to play a major role in the addiction process. Moreover, neglect, abuse and other sorts of traumatic experiences gone through during the childhood can also impact the intensity related to drug addiction. Mental disorders that take the form of anxiety and depression, and family history related to addiction are considered as risk factors that can enhance the vulnerability related to drug addiction.

Does drug addiction affect the brain?

Drug addiction certainly produces an effect on the brain, where each drug tends to produce different physical effects. But most of the substances that get abused share a common feature, whereby the repeated use of drugs or a person falling a prey to drug addiction is sure to get affected in the process, as the abused substances can change the way the brain functions and looks. As an individual falls into the pit of drug addiction, the abused substance assumes the same significance as that gets taken by other behaviors like drinking and eating.

How drug addiction develops gradually?

People who go on to experiment drugs start using drugs at frequent intervals as the abused substance tends to make an individual stop feeling bad about something or make the individual feel good. When the abused substance starts fulfilling an important need of an individual, the affected person starts relying on the particular substance, which in turn can lead to the development of drug addiction.

What are symptoms and signs of drug addiction?

One can find some signs and symptoms in an individual that point to drug addiction, as the person who falls prey to drug addiction neglects his responsibilities, as he also starts developing a drug tolerance towards the abused substance. The affected individual, out of drug addiction, might also go through strained relationships, as his life starts revolving around the usage of a particular drug. There might be changes in sleeping patterns and appetite, and the person affected by drug addiction suffers from deteriorating health, where his physical conditions may change for the worst.

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Very informative piece! This is a must read...everyone should be aware of the signs,symptoms, and the dangers of drug addition. Nicely done. Thanks for posting and voted up