Tracey Gold, Eating Disorder Advocate Has New Program on Lifetime TV
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Tracey Gold, Eating Disorder Advocate Has New Program on Lifetime TV

Tracey Gold has a new show on Lifetime named "Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold" and it shows the ugly face of eating disorders and how she survived and is now helping other with the same ailments.

She appeared in several movies with top actors and actresses, but was probably remembered mostly for her portrayal of Carol Seaver on the seven-year television series; “Growing Pains.” On “Growing Pains” she played a teenager and sister to Kirk Cameron from 1985 to 1992. Fans watched her grow up on camera and now she has her own show dealing with people just like her who have eating disorders.

Behind the scenes, she was a normal working actress until she turned nineteen. During the season hiatus in 1988, the producers of “Growing Pains” were concerned with her weight gain. Obsessed with food and her weight gain, she developed anorexia nervosa and in 1992 had to be hospitalized when she was near death weighing only eighty pounds.

On her new show; “Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold,” Tracey spotlights two different people who she attempts to help with their disorders. Some have other problems, as well as eating disorders and their individual cases are handled accordingly.

Now she has become one of the biggest advocates of help for people with eating disorders, referred to as ED. She even starred in a made for television movie; “For the Love of Nancy” based on her own experience as a person with ED. It was a personal triumph for her and brought light into the fact that so many people had this disorder.

Rivka, an anorexic from Toronto, will be staying with her friend during treatment and Tracey is concerned that her friend may not be able to deal with her during treatment. Rivka was raised in a household with a macrobiotic diet, and grew up used to brown rice, whole grains and vegetables. She now lives on about 500 calories a day and walks up to six hours daily to burn off the calories she consumed. She has been in treatment seven times without success and now this is her last chance. If this fails, she will most likely die from starvation.

Melissa, a bulimic from New Jersey is plagued with a bad body image and is also obsessive and compulsive. She is afraid of dirt and if she touches her face or hair, she has to wash them, sometimes twenty times a day. She is close to destitute, and has a hard time holding down a job. She is on food stamps and when she does eat; she purges it all. She started becoming a bulimic after being hospitalized for anorexia at twelve.

After meeting with the counselors and Tracey, both women were entered into facilities where their problems can be dealt with. Rivka cannot be trusted to stop walking and had to sign an agreement that she would not exercise and would eat enough calories to gain some weight.

After the both women went to a rehab facility, they are both thriving and the transformations were amazing. On the road they were going, both would be corpses in record time, and Rivka’s hair starting growing back, where before she was losing hair along with her weight. Now Melissa is back in New Jersey and attending college, and although both are experiencing temptations to revert back to their old ways, they are attending therapy sessions and remaining on the road to recovery

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Comments (4)

So many people have eating disorders.

I'm glad Tracey Gold is putting this condition in the spotlight. It will help others who have and are struggling with this eating disorder. I hadn't heard she was starting her own show, but I think it's a great idea. Thanks for the info!


"she will most likely die from starvation"? really?

i know rivka personally and i feel that this is a huge insult. i don't think she'll "most likely" die of anything in particular, but wow thanks for your sensational "OMG LAST CHANCE EVAR" comments. suuuuuper useful.

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