Top Ten Most Addictive Substances
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Top Ten Most Addictive Substances

The most addictive substances known to man.

 10. Alcohol

Addiction Rate: 82%

Alcohol is an extremely addictive substance, despite its legality. It acts as a relaxant, causing the user to feel more comfortable in an environment and leading to increased sociability. However, in larger doses alcohol begins to have serious detrimental effects on a person's health. Addicition to alcohol, as well as being expensive, can lead to serious liver problems, diabetes, cancer and heart problems. Short term effects of alcohol include dehydration, alcohol poisoning and intoxication.

9. Seconal/Secrobarbital

Addiction Rate: 82%

Seconal acts on the body as a sedative, and is commonly used to treat insomnia and anxiety due to its ability to slow brain activity. Because of its calming effect, Seconal is extremely addictive, and even claimed the life of Judy Garland. Withdrawing from Seconal addiction can be very difficult, with symptoms including insomnia, loss of appetite and seizures.

8. Methaqualone

Addiction Rate: 83%

Methaqualone, also known as Quaalude, became popular in the US with students who enjoyed the relaxing effects small doses of the drug brought on. Some of the common effects of safe doses of Quaalude include euphoria, relaxation and increased sexual arousal. However, higher doses can result in depression, headaches and slurred speech. Quaalude is easy to take, enhancing its addiction likelihood, and can be smoked or consumed in tablet form. Smoking Methaqualone typically results in an instant euphoric sensation, but this quickly expires, driving an individual to further hits, increasing the chances they become addicted.

7. Valium

Addiction Rate: 86%

Originally, Valium was marketed as the drug Diazepam and was used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Mostly, however, Valium is diagnosed as a sedative and can induce sleep and a relaxing effect in users. Negative side effects of Valium usage include: impaired motor function, depression and cognitive defects. While Valium is highly addicting, it is difficult to overdose on Valium alone, and most Valium overdoses are actually due to other drugs which are used at the same time as the Valium.

6. Heroin

Addiction Rate: 88%

Heroin is one of the most common recreational drugs in the world, with an estimated 50 million regular uses of the drug worldwide. Heroin is wildly sought after as a party drug due to its short term effects of euphoria. Unfortunately, Heroin is extremely hazardous to a users health, and carries with it a large number of negative side effects. Heroin is usually injected directly into the blood stream, though it can also be snorted or smoked by its users. Continuous usage of Heroin can lead to collapsed veins, heart disease and decreased liver function. Heroin addicts also typically bare numerous hideous abscesses on their skin, as well as scars where they have repeatedly injected themselves over the course of their addiction.

5. Oxycodone

Addiction Rate: 99%

Oxycodone was originally designed and released as a dependence free pain relief medicine, which was necessary due to the addictive properties of morphine and Heroin. However, Oxycodone proved to be just as (if not more) addictive than either of the drugs it was supposed to replace. It's very easy to take Oxycodone, as it can be ingested orally, through injection, as a suppository or even thorugh the nostrils. This ease of usage makes Oxycodone an extremely addictive drug, one which could lead to mood changes and seizures should abuse of the addictive substance continue.

4. Crystal Meth

Addiction Rate: 91%

Methamphetamine is one of the rising addictive substances in the world, and although the addiction rate is lower than Oxycodone, because of how difficult it is to break the addiction, Crystal Meth is regarded as one of the most addictive recreational drugs in existence. Crystal Meth is used to make the user feel more alert, heightening their awareness and bringing on an intense feeling of exhiliration. Meth also has the ability to keep the user awake for many hours. The drug can be taken in a variety of ways, but the most common method is via injection as this is the fastest acting way of taking the drug. Crystal meth addicition can lead to a hideous array of effects, including violent mood swings, short term memory loss, damaging of the nervous system and even death.

3. Ice/Glass

Addiction Rate: 93%

Ice is simply smoked Methamphetamine, and is slightly more addictive than its parent drug. The effects of Ice (also known as Glass) are much the same as Crystal Meth, with the added risk of lung damage, lung cancer and tooth decay, all of which are symptoms associated with smoking the drug rather than injecting it. Smoked meth is also more lethal than injected methamphetamine.

2. Crack Cocaine

Addiction rate: 96%

Crack cocaine is a cheaper form of the purer Cocaine drug, and is far more dangerous as a result. It is watered down and 'cooked' cocaine, and is usually smoked in a pipe or (rarely) injected intravenously. Crack cocaine is highly addictive because of the effects it has on the users brain. Crack brings on an increased sense of confidence, awareness and euphoria, while simultaneously causing a dilation of the pupils and constriction of the blood vessels. Crack cocaine is so addictive because of the incredible low experienced after the short period of euphoria, during which users can feel depressed and tired and are easily irritated or angered. Crack addicts therefore continually seek new ways to feed their addiction to avoid the low which comes after crack usage.

1. Nicotine

Addiction Rate: 98%

Nicotine is the most commonly used and widely available addictive substance in the world, being used in cigarettes worldwide. Nicotine usage is not regulated as strongly by governments because of its presences in tobacco and cigarettes, and as such there are more nicotine addicts than any other addict type in the world. Nicotine as it is found in cigarettes is not extremely dangerous, but the effects of smoking tobacco are well known and include lung cancer, difficulty breathing and throat cancer. Nicotine in purere forms, however, is highly toxic and lethal to the human body. Nicotine addiction is very difficult to beat, primarily because it is found so easily in shops and countries all over the world, and can be bought in most places without fear of breaking the law or getting involved with drug crime. By making nicotine legal, governments the world over have made it the most addictive substance in the world.

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I do believe out of the hundreds and thousands of inaccurate agenda-based garbage on these stats that I've found on the internet, You are one of the FEW that have actually put together a great and accurate list.Thank you.And thank you for NOT putting dumb things like marijuana or mushrooms before nicotine and alcohol.Im a graphic designer charting this statistical data.May I get some of your research info for citation?I must back this information w/ sources so that the visual data can stand up to nay-sayers. Or If you have a CADC, PhD, MD or are educated in the field in any way I thank you for your knowledge. sincerely,

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