Smoking Cessation
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Smoking Cessation

Smoking cigarettes was once considered merely a bad habit, forbidden to children but OK for grownups. Know some tips on smoking cessation by reading more...

Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes was once considered merely a bad habit, forbidden to children but OK for grownups.  Then, starting in the 1950s, it was identified as the major cause of lung cancer in the US, and other developed countries.  Young people often start smoking because they think it is glamorous and sophisticated.  They do not think they will be smoking for life. 

Smoking cigarettes has been pointed as the number one environmental cause of all cancer, of at least 30 percent of heart attacks death, and of the killing diseases known as Chronic Destructive Pulmonary Disease.

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Effects of Smoking

Smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, and several other life-threatening diseases.  Saying goodbye to smoking is not easy and the best solutions is never to start in the first place.  There is no law that says you have to give up cigarettes.  If they didn't provide a variety of satisfactions and pleasures, more than fifty million adult wouldn't be smoking then.

Studies show that when you started smoking, there are bound to be similarities with the way other smokers started, but your addiction to cigarettes and theirs are not the same.

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Nicotine in Cigars

It was certainly widely known that nicotine was in tobacco.  Scientist were aware that the drug was psychoactive and had a variety of physical effects.  Only in the past years have the American Psychiatric Association and the National Institute of Drug Abuse officially identifies as a true addiction in the majority of cigarette smokers.

According to World Health Organization people should not underestimate the addictive nature of nicotine.  Most smokers realize the fact that tobacco is harmful and sincerely wish on stopping it.  Millions of smokers worldwide have made serious attempts to quit on more than one occasions, but only a small percentage succeed in doing this on their own.

According to researchers, when a smokers inhale from a a lit cigarette, nicotine reaches the brain within seconds and binds to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, which activate pressure center in the brain.  This creates a powerful sense of satisfaction.  However, studies show that the initial effects recede quickly and there's a cycle of craving.  Due to the addictive nature of nicotine, the Management of the Craving and the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting as well as the pleasurable effects from smoking, is a significant goal or treatment.

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How to Stop Smoking? According to expert the easy way to stop smoking:

Set date.  Give yourself a deadline.  Set date and stick  to it.  If you smoke a pack a day for example, plan to reduce your consumption to half in six months.  Then quit altogether in a year.

Work out routines.   Change your routines.  Throw away lighters and ashtrays around your home.  If you regularly pass a shop that sells cigarette on the way home, change your route.  Stick not to smoke even just one cigarette.

Nicotine withdrawal.  Beat the effect of nicotine withdrawal.  According to a registered nurse, to beat the effects of nicotine withdrawal try these five D's:

  • Delay.  Wait three or five minutes or until your urge to smoke passes.
  • Distract yourself.  Call a friend, play with kids, or walk along the park or anywhere you wish to go.
  • Drink water.  Add a slice of lemon to flavor your water.
  • Deep breaths.  Take deep breaths to relax. This will fight off your cigarette craving.
  • Discuss feelings.  Discuss or share it with a friend or someone close to you.

Try and try.  Don't think of giving up.  Start over and take things one day at a time.  Set a new stop date and try again.

Treat yourself.  You can use the money you have saved from giving up cigarettes.


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Ranked #28 in Addictions

All good ideas, but the best trick yet is to make up your mind. Once you're really ready, then you will quit no matter what methods or tricks you use. I "quit" a hundred times before finally deciding that I was just going to do it. That was about 20 years ago and I never looked back.

Ranked #13 in Addictions

Thanks for additional points on this matter. I'm greatly please Ma'am.

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