Oxycodone What It Is And What It Does
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Oxycodone What It Is And What It Does

Oxycodone is a highly addicting drug that is sold on the streets under the name oxycotton.

Oxycodone is a schedule II controlled substance prescription drug that is habit forming. It is used to treat severe pain after surgeries or for persons that have ongoing pain from physical ailments. The drug is derived from opium and is very similar in it’s reaction to morphine or codeine and is a favored drug for street use by heroin addicts because it is cheaper. Users either take the drug orally or they crush it and snort it to get a faster reaction and bigger “high”. Users have said that the “high” is powerful and fast, better than heroin without the needles, although some do inject it. 

The really scary thing about Oxycodone that abusers and even those having a prescription for it is this: Oxycodone users can build up a tolerance to the drug  very fast. This leads to more abuse of the drug in higher doses to keep the DT’s at bay, which in turn can lead to an overdose. Signs of DT’s are loss of memory, dizzy spells, fatigue, headaches, sweating excessively and an itchy feeling of the skin. Signs of an OD are shallow breathing, a slow heart rate, low blood pressure, dilated pupils, and breathing has stopped. These are signs that a person could die and medical attention should be sought immediately.?

Use of alcohol brings in even higher risks and should never be taken in combination with oxycodone. The drug already slows thinking and reaction times and combined with alcohol the effect is amplified. There are numerous names for prescription oxycodone including dihedron, endocet, endodan, ETH-Oxydose, endone, oxycontin, OxyFast, OxyNorm, pancodine, percodan, percodan-demi, percocet, percolone, roxicet, roxicodone, roxilox, superdol and tylox. Kids and thieves will steal from a medicine cabinet to either use or sell the drugs on the street. On the street it is called oxycotton, hillbilly heroin, OC, oxy, blue and ox.

If you take oxycodone in any form you need to tell your physician if you have asthma, COPD (cardio pulmonary disease), apnea, liver/kidney disease, past head injury/brain trauma, epilepsy, Thyroid/gall bladder/adrenal gland disorders, low blood pressure. It is especially important to notify your physician if you have a history of mental illness with you or any family member and drug or alcohol related problems with yourself or in your family history. 

If you or someone you know has a problem there are great programs out there to help with the DT’s. There are detox centers and rehab centers available in almost any city. http://lapalomatreatment.com/  has a good program and online help available.

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Comments (5)

Timely and well written, liked and shared

Good job, Jaz. v'd, tt'd, dugg

I was on oxy after my fusion surgery. It is one of those heaven on earth feelings and I am grateful that I do not have an addictive personality. I cut the dosage quickly to where I was only taking a half of one on occasion and even though the doc offered me another scrip, I declined. I feel like doctors are pushers sometimes! They don't say "do you really really need this" or "can we try a different strategy" like some OTC meds. No, they just give you the most addictive harmful drugs whether you need it or not.

Ranked #19 in Addictions

Judith, my mother is completely addicted and the doctors give her as much as she wants when she wants. I have seen her memory get further and further away from her and it scares me. Thank you for the comment...peace Jaz

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