Meth What It is What It Does
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Meth What It is What It Does

Meth is a highly addictive drug also known as crank. This is how to recognize some of the symptoms of meth use.

Methamphetamines, also known as meth, crank, crystal meth, crystal, ice, shabu, glass and a variety of other names is a street drug that was first synthesized in Japan in 1893 from ephedrine. It is also a prescribed medicine used to treat ADHD and obesity under the name Desoxyn. It is typically snorted through the nose, injected in liquid form, also called slamming, shooting up, banging or mainlining, or smoked in glass tubes. Meth is highly addictive and the withdrawals can last up to a year after a person quits and sometimes the withdrawal symptoms resemble schizophrenia. Meth labs have been known to explode or light on fire because of the highly flammable chemicals used in the production of meth.

Symptoms of meth use include and are not limited to being overly alert, heavy concentration, a high amount of energy, euphoria, a raised level of self-esteem and a raised libido or sex drive. Other signs can include anorexia and heavy weight loss, dilated pupils, restlessness, dry mouth, headache, racing heart, rapid breathing, tremors, jaw clenching, acne, heart attack, stroke and even death.

Signs of withdrawal include extreme tiredness, sleeping all the time and at strange hours, depression, increased appetite, anxiety, irritability or explosiveness, agitation, and suicidal tendencies. Extensive use can cause cardiovascular damage, severe acne, hair and teeth loss, heart and organ failure, delusions and hallucinations, obsessive compulsive behavior, uncontrollable twitchy movements, paranoia and aggression. Users often sell things, steal things and will do just about anything to get their fix.

Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs out there and has caused the destruction of families, marriages, homes, robberies, murders and any number of terrible events due to a person use. People who use meth aren’t thinking clearly or rationally, the only thing they are thinking about is the current high they are on and then when they start to come down they are looking to get the next hit anyway they can and by any means necessary. Women who are pregnant have been know to use without realizing that it passes to the baby and then if they continue to use after the babies born it passes through the breast milk.

Meth use and access is not limited to large cities, every city, no matter how big or small has felt the effects of meth in one form or another. If you suspect a friend or family member of using meth be aware that it is a long tough battle to get them into recovery, if it can be done it all. Many meth users become lost souls, completely beyond help because the drug is so addictive. If you need help or need questions answered about where to go for help go to Meth Project Organization

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