Is Alcohol Addiction Worse Than Drug Addiction
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Is Alcohol Addiction Worse Than Drug Addiction

Is Alcohol addiction worse than Drug addiction? Addiction is addiction. It does not matter whether it is alcohol or drugs. The physical damage done by drug or alcohol addicition is deady.

“ Is Alcohol addiction worse than Drug addiction?” The debate over this subject continues. As you will see, addiction, of any kind is destructive. The affects that alcohol and drugs has on the addict is very much the same. The only difference with drugs is due to the classification of that drug.

Each classification has its own effects, and adverse reactions on individuals who abuse them, are addicted to them, or even when they are prescribed and the individual is following doctors orders. The effects on the body such as destroying the liver is common among all drugs, including over the counter medications. Some drugs such as pain medications may cause hallucinations even in the non-addict.

Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, is a problem for society. There is an increase in illness, infections,and other diseases, along with the medical complications that are connected with heart disease, liver disease, and diabetes. Often, it is society, by the way of taxes, that pay for the medical care and treatment that is required over and over again.

It is society who is at a loss, and pays for arrests, convictions, and the results of the various criminal activity that occurs when the addict is seeking the means to feed their addiction.

Addiction does not only destroy the individual who is addicted, it destroys families, and affects all of those the addict has contact with. Addiction, regardless of the substance has consequences that go beyond the physical.

Mental Disease/Changes

  • Memory loss
  • Dementia

Physical Addiction

Psychological Addiction

Increased Tolerance Level

As the addiction progresses, the body and mind, wants more of the addictive substance(s), much like one who is in chronic pain and is prescribed a pain medication that over the course of time is no longer effective. Therefore, the physician may increase the dosage and frequency in which the same medication is taken, or a stronger medication will be ordered. This is a cycle which never ends.

When a person starts drinking for the first time, one or maybe 3 drinks will make the person feel tipsy if not inebriated. Over a period of time, those same 3 drinks have very little effect that is felt. It may be that it takes 6 drinks to feel tipsy. There are those under the influence, drunk, which appear to be sober if we are not aware that they are in deed under the influence, even though they have indulged themselves for days without stopping.

Leads to Other Addictions

Heart Disease

  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiac and respiratory failure which can lead to coma and death

Kidney Disease

  • Kidney failure

Liver Disease

The liver is an organ that we cannot live without, but it is often destroyed by the use of drugs and alcohol. Diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, Hep C, Hepatitis, liver cancer are all related to the abuse and addictions of drugs and alcohol.


Diabetes is not the only blood glucose level a problem due to an increase in blood sugar. Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar can also be an issue. When drinking, blood sugar increases, and then suddenly drops.

Diet is important. Often medications may be needed. The addict will often not follow the regimen, and continue being active with their addiction that will lead to other complications.


Diet is often ignored. Therefore, the lack of nutrients create multiple health problems, possibly death. The addicted are often more concerned about their habit than they are eating, let alone eating properly.


  • Suppressed or compromised immune system due to lack of proper nutrients.
  • Hepatitis, Hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS,MRSA, Pneumonia among others


The use of shared, dirty needles, circulatory problems, diabetes, etc often lead to amputation of one or more limbs.

  • Neglect of an Injury

When an injury is neglected such as a cut, or even a skin care, infection may very well set in. Once gangrene sets in, or cellulitis, if not treated in a timely manner, amputation may be the end result.

Other Serious Medical Conditions

There are multiple medical conditions which are caused by and aggravated by addiction. Cirrhosis of the liver can also lead to liver cancer.


Poor health, overdose, alcohol toxicity, Hepatitis, HEP C, Cirrhosis of Liver, and even cancer of the liver to name a few. Often the addict will decide they can quit on their own, which is a fallacy. But, whether one tries to quit on their own, runs of of the substance(s) they are addicted to or are abusing, death can occur from withdrawal.

In closing, addiction is addiction. It does not matter whether it is alcohol or drugs. Alcohol is a drug. Cigarettes are considered to be a drug and addicting due to the addictive substances that cigarette manufacturers put in them. The end result could be DEATH due to the addiction, or death that is cause by self-inflicted suicide or injury, or as a result of the activities and people that addict becomes involved with.

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